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Lighten Up - Ultralight Backpacking Site
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Favorite Links

Here are some links to other great ultralight backpacking related pages that you might find useful.

The following sites are personal web pages full of great info.

Biker Daves Ultralight Backpacking

John's Ultralight Backpacking page

Daves Outdoor Adventure Page

Great Lakes lightweight Backpacking

Southwest Ultralight Backpacking

The Go-Lighter's

Homemade stoves Page (Wings)

Sgt.Rock has a great page

Stove Stompers Utralight Page

Yellwostone Backpacking page

The following are some great online resources: Gear Stores, Journals, Organizations

GVP Gear

Backbapcking - Journal of ultralight backpacking

ULA Equipment

The Pacific Crest Trail Hiker Web Site

Backpackig Net

GoLite Gear

Hoosier Hiking Council - Indiana Has Trails Too


Here are some links to my other Outdoor Hobby - Orienteering

Orienteering in Indiana

Orienteering in Southern Michigan

International Federation of Orienteering

US Orienteering Federation

Here are some links to a sport I have been finding interesting, although I don't thing I'm ready to try it yet. - Adventure Racing

Indiana Club of Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing World Series

The Wild Onion Series

Lighten Up - Ultralight Backpacking Site